Transplant #2

Hello Everyone, I am happy to say Mark went through chemo very well. Last time Mark was given one dose of Melphalan and was very sick one hour after that and didn’t let up for 16 days. This time Mark got the extra drugs to help prevent the sickening side effects and has done very well. Mark has not been sick at all yet.

Mark eating ice before and during the melphalan. Eating ice prevents mouth sores.
Look he has hair again, not for long.

Mark has been eating so well that the Doctor even teases him about his weight. He has gained back most of what he lost the first time.

Today was transplant and Mark has done so well with this also. Dr. Zangari signed the orders to proceed with the transplant, giving him four bags of stem cells. Again the frozen stem cells were brought in a capsule and then warmed up prior to injecting them back into Mark. He was then given two bags of saline. This took about four hours.
Again from the preservatives they store the cells with he smells like burnt corn. Thank goodness that only lasts a few days

This is Marny hooking mark up.

Mark giving Marny a bad time. Not a good idea when Marny hold the needles.
Much better than last time.

His next appointment is Thursday. Let’s all hope for no infections.