Transplant #2 – Day -1 (AKA – Killer Melphalan Day)

Had a central line installed this morning. Took a bit of effort on the doctor’s part due to scaring from previous central lines. Not a big deal – but lets hope this will be the last time I need the central line. After that, we headed to 7C for mega killer dose of melphalan. Upon arrival, we were told that the doctor’s office did not fax over the orders… two hours later, the orders were faxed. I was pre-medicated and my little bag of melphalan arrived – 20 mins later, it was all over. I sat eating several cups of ice, 4 cans of ice cream and a popsicle. Lets hope all that worked to keep my mouth, throat and everything below cold. All I can say is that when I was leaving 7C, my lips were blue and I was cold as the popsicle/ice cream I just consumed.

Tomorrow is the big day: Day 0. More on how that goes tomorrow.

That is it for now….