Transplant #1 (Day 14)

A quick update. I am doing better. My stem cells are doing their job! My white blood count is up – to 1.57! I also was able to avoid any type of complications to date. That is really, really good! Feeling tired has been the only downside to date. We continue with our morning visits to the clinic. We now arrive at 7am. We are the first ones at the clinic. I get my daily infusion of saline – that gives me the needed boost for the entire day. My next doctor app is next Monday. If all goes well we should be able to go home for a couple of weeks.

To Feresaknit – To answer your question, the stem cell transplant at UAMS is an outpatient procedure. That means, you come in each day for treatment and go home. I was a bit worried about that initially. However, this actually worked out great! Since you are seen daily, the staff is able to address any issues on daily basis. Of course, if there are some major complications, you do get admitted into the hospital. My plan is to try to avoid the hospital! The first transplant will be followed by a second one in about 4-6 weeks.