Top Ten

Tomorrow is the big day…sort of. I check into Cedars tomorrow, but the transplant itself won’t take place until Thursday. More on that later. Meanwhile, inquiring minds want to know what songs I’m putting on my iPod in preparation for my hospital stay. Here is the top ten:

  1. Yes I’m Ready (Barbara Lewis)
  2. Let it Grow (dedicated to my hair, not my cancer cells) (Eric Clapton)
  3. Feeling Stronger Every Day (Chicago)
  4. Still Alive and Well (Edgar Winter)
  5. Tubthumper “I get knocked down, but I get up again” (Chumbawumba)
  6. Always Look on the Bright Side (Monty Python)
  7. Won’t Back Down (Tom Petty)
  8. Healing (Todd)
  9. I Made it Through the Rain/Looks Like We Made It (Barry Manilow)
  10. ?
Any suggestions for #10?