I have what is commonly known as a toothache. The cause of my problem is not a karmic response to the questionable morality of my decisions this week, no, the cause is the wisdom tooth. Right bottom to be precise.

This little bugger has been at it for two days. I am finding it difficult to eat, which lets face it, is no bad thing. I like to think that it is also the reason why I have not slept well these two nights since. Everybody can sympathise with a toothache I am sure.

As much as my tooth is a pain in my bum, I kind of like it. It’s the sort of pain that I can recognise from my life pre August 2012. My Myeloma is not the reason I am in discomfort and it is a discomfort that everybody can understand.

It was comforting at first, but now, I wouldn’t mind if it went away just a bit, so that I could suck my thumb. I suppose I am also worried that something mundane, like the toothache, could delay my treatment. There can be no delays, I am ready for it all start.

Bring on Tuesday. Toothache or no toothache.