Toodling along!

Just read my rather miserable last blog! I did feel pretty grotty what with the cough and horrid antibiotics which upset my stomach, but I did get over it OK and I’m sure quite a few of you had bad colds too!

I’m plodding through the latest round of treatment. Won’t pretend it’s not hard work, but still managing it and I pretty much know what to expect on each day of the week. I’m waiting for another test result and hoping it shows as good an improvement as the first one.

I have managed to put a bit of weight on – steroids give me a big appetite, even when they also make me a bit nauseous – sort of a bit like pregnancy! And now the gallbladder is out I’m eating a bit more fat. My most embarrassing side effects are bright red cheeks mostly Thurs and Fridays, a trembling voice sometimes and a terrible memory (forgetting what I was saying and doing very quickly).

The last week has been all union and anti-cuts stuff, but I am hoping to get some gardening done. Lots to plant still.

For the benefit of other myeloma people I may try to write a document on the treatment I am on atm, just for interest. It will be a document not a blog.

Anyway, no more news, so take care everyone!