today is Day 0

This means it’s the day I get my old stem cells back – that’s the start, the beginning, il primo – wait, didn’t i just do this with Yin and Yang yesterday?
So getting the bad stuff in (aka Melphalan) is a 15 minute process.  you do have to chew ice for 90 minutes but mid way you get the Melph for 15 minutes.  We don’t know how long the process will take with my old “good” stuff (the born on date was Jan’10).  They don’t know if it will be one transfusion or two.  They don’t know if I have a big bag of cells or a little bag of cells – i mean they’ve all been in the freezer.  They are quite sure these are MY cells but until the pull them out of the freezer they won’t know how big, etc.
More importantly, today is all about watching.  Will my cells work without problem, will there be issues, etc.  What this means, I just found out, is that I will be in a bed and hooked up to wires pretty much all day.  I’m waiting for them to come in and disconnect me from the IV and flush my lines so that I can go take a shower.  I may  not actually smell but to me, I stink!
more later