Today, 8 Years Ago, December 14… When "It’ All began…

Hello 12.14.17

Hello Myeloma… I’m still here!
Today marks 8 Years from my very first Hematology Oncology appointment :)) What a Medical Miracle I am!

Yes, my “Official” Myeloma journey began 12.14.2009. Oh my, was I clueless and in DENIAL. I truly had no idea the seriousness of my medical status, and just thought it was a blip in my life.

Very Revealing Blood Tests Began in October, November 2009, and I was quickly referred to Hematology Oncology for further testing.

I was so very fortunate to be assigned to the amazing, kind, insightful, patient, intelligent, ever so caring Dr Lee. I’m sure she “knew” what was going on with me physiologically, but went to great lengths to test, retest and test more, before my official myeloma diagnosis at the end of December 2009. She would quickly call after all my blood tests and update me about my very concerning status. She wanted to hospitalize me, and give me blood, platelets, etc, but I just couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that I could need that sort of treatment. Me, when she would call- “Oh wow, really, no, must be a mistake… can I just eat things with more Iron, and Hydrate more? Can we wait a few days, and see if things improve on their own?” ahahha, I was so silly and in full denial about the seriousness of my situation…

 Dr Soon-Ki Lee
Thank you for saving my life

I was so Anemic, extremely Fatigued, bleeding out “everywhere”, dizzy, blurry, mentally foggy, headaches, body aches, losing weight, sickly for the last year or so, and just trying to go forward with December holidays… thinking I would “just be ok”…

 Here I was sometime in October 2009
Yes, when I arrived for my initial Hematology Oncology appointment December 14, 2009, I really believed I was in the wrong department, and everything would be sorted out quickly, and I’d go back to being Mom Julie, Family Girl Julie, Counselor Julie, Cowgirl Julie, Let’s Just Have Fun Julie… But that’s not at all what happened. 
Here’s a look back on my previous 12.14.09 blog post reflections: 
I’m really really glad I started this Blog in 2010, and have honestly and candidly written my thoughts and recorded my feelings for over 7 years now. To me, my Blog is my Living Journal, Living Diary of my life… my life forever changed by my 2009 Myeloma diagnosis. I thank each and every one of you that have visited my Blog, made comments, let me know you read my musings, and that you enjoy my posts. I know some of you well, and for many years, others I don’t “actually “know”, but we feel we do, and others who I have no idea who you are, and where you are from, but I hope that what I have written, and continue to write, is meaningful and helpful for you. 
I’m still incredulous, and still feel I am writing someone else’s story. But my lab results tell differently. My IV chemo infusions are my reality checks, and the 21 days per month of chemo pills I swallow, are daily reminders of how sick I really am, and how “tentative” my visit here on earth really is.
But today, 12.14.17, I’m ok. My vicious November illness is almost a distant memory, and I took 20mg of Dexamethasone steroids today, and I had an unusually “fun and energizing” day, with multiple laughs and several random tiny adventures. I made Breakfast for Dinner- Lox, Eggs, mini sausages, fresh berries, and we watched some funny movies. I treated myself to a bowl of Mint ice cream, paired with Peanut Butter Cup ice cream, and ended the evening with Chamomile tea and commenced the beginning of my 12th, or 13th cycle of Pomalyst. Yes, myeloma, you often win, but you Haven’t won. I have.
Live happy,
live well, and make a difference somewhere, somehow, with someone or something
as often as you can!