Today – 7 years

Today is 7 years from first diagnosis on 31 May 2007.
Ask me 7 years ago how would my life be, I could not imagine it to have turned out so well. The journey has its many ups and downs, the downs mostly in the early years and nowadays the various challenges are met with a more “experienced” attitude and “subdued” reaction.
So I am tremendously grateful (and thankful to GOD for grace and strength).
Thus I attended today’s MM Support group for patients and caregivers, with much joy. It was an informal gathering for patients to chat and share experiences. As the turnout was small there was plenty of time for everyone to share and ask questions. There were 2 new patients, one just completed her autologous transplant and another just diagnosed in April and possibly be starting induction and preparing for transplant. Those who had gone through transplants (I have not) were eager to share their personal experiences. There was the assurance that we will be around to visit and help the new patient as she is from a neighbouring country and flew in for medical care; her husband may not be here all the time. It really gladdens my heart to see the camaraderie.

Thankful, most certainly, to have reasonably good seven years receiving excellent medical care, love and support from family and friends. Traveling whenever I can. Telling my story to those who are interested.
My outlook in life is to stay calm and not be too frazzled. Recently I came down with mycoplasma infection in March/April, it lasted over a month with antibiotic. I recovered mostly by staying at home, for that I am thankful there were no other complication, just some headaches.