To have it or not to have it?

The question pops up every single year: “are you having the flu shot?” “No.” “Noooo? Are you nuts? Why not?”

My answer is simple: I was always sicker with the vaccine than without it, and the same happened to Stefano (I don’t mean to imply that that happens to everyone, of course…but that’s been OUR experience). And so we haven’t had the flu vaccine in years, now (I think this might be our fourth year). But I’ve written about this in previous posts, so I won’t go on and on about it here…again!

Point is, if you’re in the midst of deciding whether or not to have the flu shot, please check out this article published just a few days ago in the British Medical Journal (I’ll see if I can get my hands on the full study)…

It provides us with some food for thought, or rather, some flu for thought (hehe): (note: at the end of this BMJ article, there is a direct link to the Dr. Doshi’s abstract).

Many thanks to Lori for posting the link on Facebook (Yes, I get some of my news from FB…indeed a SCARY thought! But I check out everything, as you can imagine, so I guess it’s okay ;-) ).