Tired and Stick

Since finishing my first cycle of Lenodlidomide (Revlimid) on Friday, I’ve been feeling more and more exhausted, I’m not sure why though. Maybe it’s just because I have been doing more than usual lately, with sorting out the things from the attic and trying to do a general tidy up.

I’ve had my brother come over and visit it me with his son on Saturday, which was really nice. I haven’t seen them both for a very long time. We spent most of the time talking and having a general laugh, but by the time we had, had something to eat, I was ready to just fall asleep in my food. I could hardly keep my eyes open. I felt guilty as they had travelled to see me and felt as though I couldn’t stay awake long enough for them. I know they understood though. They needed to travel across the country though to get back home and Saturday was the worst day to do it with the snow falling! I was really lucky that they made it over in the first place as they weren’t sure if it was going to snow on the way here. They had been told it was snowing where they lived, so setting off early to get home wasn’t a real issue anyway and it was safer for them to do that than wait around for me to wake up and have a bit of energy. I got a message on my phone later that evening to say they had arrived home safely and managed to avoid most of the major road problems caused by the snow.

Today (Sunday) I’ve again felt tired most of the day and struggled getting up and down the stairs. My legs seem very week and I’ve even been using a stick to help me get up and down, when I say stick, I mean a monopod for my camera as I don’t have a proper stick. It’s been the first time as though I have needed anything to help me with my walking etc and it feels as though I have been defeated in some way. I’ve been thinking about buying a stick for when I go out, but again it feels as though I am giving in to the cancer if I need a stick to assist me or rather to make sure I don’t fall over because I haven’t got the overall strength to get up and and about. Maybe I shouldn’t be so vein and just get one, it is better to be safe than risk falling over and maybe breaking some bones etc.

I am hoping though that it is just a passing phase and that my energy levels will pick back up again.

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