Time for an update already

Mark is still doing great. No sign of the myeloma in any of his tests YAY! He has some neuropathy that started in his feet that makes his feet hurt and uncomfortable all the time. He has stopped taking one of the meds that may be causing this. He still is going up once a week to do his maintenance. Other than that there is not much to tell you about there.

March we had a couple birthdays, Britt on the 1st, Shane was the 22nd and Alicia (a friend, adopted grand kid) the 28th.

mmmm Ice cream cake

Princess of the day Alicia

A couple other celebrations
Lock up your daughters and stay off the roads SHANE has a learners permit to drive!

This is what to look out for! If he can climb that high…

Britt finished school and passed the testing with high scores also landed a job in the same week. Congrats Britt!!

Also Miss Paytton is officially potty trained YAY!! She also had to go to the dentist, she came out of the dentist missing a tooth. : ( poor kid

I will add Easter in this blog. IT WAS COLD!! THE END! No just kidding. It was cold we woke up on that Thursday morning to a blizzard and 5 in of snow at 5 am. It all melted off by afternoon and we headed out. Easter morning we had snow on the ground at the dunes, but it also melted off just in time to go home. All in all it was nice to spend some time with the family for the Easter weekend.

5 am out the door at work

First morning, where did sand mountain go?

Ok it was COLD to ride around

Snow on the mountain for Easter Sunday
I think that covers it all.