Thursday Sept 25th and th sun is shining.

Here we are at Futuroscope. I think it is probably our eighth visit here and as always it brings back many happy memories of previous visits with the girls when they were about eight and ten. On this occasion we are enjoying some time together with Sue and Angela. We met here yesterday afternoon and shared a few glasses of vino together before settling down for an early night.

We were at the doors of the park as they opened at 10am and with the help of my disability badge were given priority access to all the major attractions. I even managed to hire a mobility scooter to save Colin pushing me around in the wheelchair. The only disappointment was that the magic show was cancelled due to some technical hitch.

We have now come back to the motorhome for a cup of tea and an afternoon nap before the evening show. All is going better than expected and we are really excited about going to see the French house tomorrow, that Sue and Angela are just about to purchase.

We are managing to eat pretty well too and cooked up a great steak meal on Tuesday I even remembered the essential red current jelly!




Time for that rest now before the evenings exciting events.

Deborah xxx

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