Thursday Afternoon, Leaving For Atlanta Early in the Morning.

So the wedding weekend is finally here, or almost really, as today we are focusing on packing and last minute errands so we can get up and roll at 4:30 a.m. tomorrow, our flight is at 5:40 a.m. I went the clinic this morning to get my blood checked and everything was fine, my counts good, but I had a bad stomach. I was supposed to go to Gilda’s for a Support Group meeting, but headed right home. I was crawling into bed and Greg came in just in time for me to request a bowl to puke in. He got back with it in the nick of time, and I felt a lot better afterwards!
I got a lot of plants in the square foot garden and worked around the border in the back right corner too. I have sweet corn, beets, beans, squash, and celery out there and I moved the mint and oregano plants to the grid. I am trying to grow climbing pumpkins and have set up several patches, plus I planted a bunch of gladiolus that I bought on sale, I’m not sure they were any good. At World Market yesterday, I found a good wicker table for the little toilet area of our Master Bath, its black and matches and fits nicely, I am happy with that $45 spent. I also bought a fairly big and sturdy urn (at Garden Ridge) to find a plant for and put on the front porch.
When Greg printed our Boarding Passes, he asked if I was checking or carry-on, I told him carry-on only, which means I will be rolling my dress and figuring out what I will be wearing every accountable second so I don’t overpack. My favorite trick is to leave off pajamas or something to sleep in and just going commando at night. I found a nice little lingerie black and cream lace number that will be my special surprise for Greg, but I won’t want to sleep in that! I will probably wear t-shirt and jeans for the flights and I can sleep in the T. I am still not into all my clothes, but I have a few things and pairs of jeans that fit, in 12. What I really need is nice tops, all of my nice stuff is too tight. Maybe I will wander out and shop a little, I do need to pick up a prescription anyway.