Three More Shots Please

2015 Jun 11_0103I haven’t driven the Chevy in weeks, there just hasn’t been time. Earlier this summer it wasn’t running quite right. I started it up and began adjusting the idle mixture screws when I discovered I could tighten one all the way down and instead of killing the engine, it had no effect. Now what? I’ve surprised myself with the good mechanical advice I have found on the Internet, often with helpful video. But, how do you search for, “tighten the idle mixture screw all the way on an Edelbrock with no results?” I typed in something like that and, wow – there was a helpful guy on a video telling me, “here’s what you do – remove the screw and blow the screw hole out with compressed air.” It worked!

I recently met a guy who had some dirt to get rid of. I had been watching for free dirt to raise the elevation of the lowest part of our back yard. He delivered, and a friend loaned me a small Kubota tractor to move it around. Before it was completely smoothed out, it occurred to me that it resembled a radio controlled car track. I mentioned that to my good friend, Jason, and with his help we made it look exactly like an RC car track. It’s a mud track now, but we did manage to run on it a few times before the rain began. If it turns out not to be all that much fun, I’ll smooth out the jumps and berms and throw some grass seed on it. So far, it has cost us zero. Don & Diane, I hope you can get out here next spring or summer and give it a try.

RC Track PanoramaI’ve done far more organizing of my photos than editing. I wonder if that means I’m more systematic than creative. The Photoshop Elements program says I’ve identified (and tagged) 302 people (so far) in 97,650 photos. Tagging faces is like eating potato chips, it’s hard to quit. I’ll stop and back up the catalog after one more folder; okay, maybe one more after that….

That's me next to the face I love tagging the most (1034 times so far).  This was on our 42nd anniversary

That’s me next to the face I love tagging the most (1034 times so far). This was on our 42nd anniversary

Some blessings require that you only sit back and enjoy, like a stunning sunset, or music that truly pleases your ears.

Other blessings seem to require constant maintenance, like this old house, or my hair. My life has been overflowing with blessings, and they do keep me busy. Grandchildren represent compound blessings. I love seeing our sons experiencing the same joy with their babies that we savored with them. We treasure the time spent with our grandson. We are anxiously looking forward to meeting our granddaughter. The arrival of Grandbaby number three has been announced for June.

The end of 2015 will bring the end of my two year series of bi-weekly low dose chemo maintenance shots. When I began this Velcade infusion therapy, my Oncologist said it gives patients “more time,” and also that after two years, it’s done all the good it is going to do. I’m grateful for more time. It’s a commodity I can never seem to accumulate enough of. Ending the cycle of shots feels a bit like removing training wheels.