Thoughts Other Than…

Today I don’t feel like stressing and giving light to myeloma or feeling crappy.
A lot has happened this summer some good and some so very bad.

The Good:
-Recently promoted- which actually took place months prior but I feel like throwing that in
-Finally getting process up in running for non-profit Mae’s Breath in regards to 501 c 3
-Traveling to Hong Kong for about 2 weeks- business but no complaints from me :)
-Going to the renowned Nobu Restaurant in Hong Kong- yum!
-Seeing how God is working my mind with handling the good along with the bad- and how deep is 
  my faith when it comes to adversities
-Reviewing my stance on supportive friends and family… they do exist
-Traveling to the Bahamas for vacation… doctor approved and all
-Eating good food
-Celebrating this forth of July with a 70’s Themed BBQ
-Limiting social alcohol intake- I guess that’s good too… really it is :)
-Completing our kitchen floor project
– Putting to bed some of my mom’s paperwork- miss her.
-Increasing my weekly healthy weekend walks with  my husband 
– Just living and being able to do things so many cannot. I’m extremely grateful and fortunate

                                              Nobu… once in life time experience- trust me!

                                                            W Hotel…. Must I say more

                     Not in my palette but couldn’t help taking photo of this masterpiece displayed

The beauty of Asia

70’s theme BBQ- Battle wounds and all

Another Home Project down

                                     Today 8-17-2014 my blue nail polish makes me feel good today
                                                May this be a blessed week for you all… me too