Thoughts on a life well lived

I just finished reading another bloggers post   down to earth . I really got a lot out of her blog. She’s a little older than me but has similar thoughts about life. She lives in Australia and has published a number of Home books for simplifying,cooking ,sewing .

I think she sums up very well things about getting older. More aches and pains, can’t do things like we use to. Accepting this with grace is the key I think. I’ve had a hard time this past year trying to figure out where I am in my life. I don’t have a career as such and really never had a full-time job. I have a graduate degree in counseling but never really used it. Plus last year was tough with Pomalyst not working and side effects.

It’s a good read, check it out. It helped me put things in a more positive light. Especially about being a SAHM and other choices I’ve made plus other choices that we’re made for me( getting laid off from the best little job in the whole world)