Those were the years…..

We’ve been home from the hospital just a little over a week. Just in time for my honey to celebrate birthday number 74. 74?? How can he be 74 when I’m only 39!!!  I look at him and still see that same good-looking young man that I met, in college, all those years ago.

Those were the years when we were healthy. Those were the years when we thought nothing about “getting old”. Those were the years when cancer never entered our minds. Those were the years when we were young parents, with sweet baby girls (that had their days and nights mixed up!)

Today, we very happily and quietly celebrated number 74 with Gale (daughter/nurse). Last year, we weren’t even sure that he’d be around for number 73.

Today, he received the very best birthday present of all, from the good Dr. H.  He is in Complete Remission/Response (there’s a debate about the terminology…..but at any rate…..MM has taken “a hike”, for the time being.)

So, without further adieu….without discussions of pain and pain meds….or being weak…..or having MM….we’ll just end this posting on a positive note. Those were the years…..that have turned into these years…..these years when we face the winter of our lives.

Beautiful days, weeks, and months…….those were the years……..that bring smiles from the memories we created.

Remission!! What a beautiful word.