This Week’s Knitting

Oh my goodness – so many kind comments!
Thank you all so much for your concern.  I don’t think we have processed the news yet.  It will probably feel more real on Thursday when FL goes for his blood transfusion.  They hope to have the bone marrow test result by then too, so they will have a better idea of what they / we are dealing with.
Another week of hospital appointments at least guarantees me lots of quality knitting time.
I took my dark brown Reginald sock with me on Monday and managed to b*gg*r it up quite spectacularly, with a massive loop on the inside where I skipped an entire dpn.  It took me 5 rows to spot the problem and another hour to pick it all back.  This is why we all need simple waiting room knitting!

Sleeve with Hollow Oak panel

Tuesday found us in the Colonoscopy waiting room for 4 hours.  Another day, another diagnosis, but thankfully nothing very exciting or life-threatening (Diverticulitis).  I worked on the brown sock again.

I definitely won’t be taking my cardigan sleeves to any appointments this week.  I am really enjoying the cable panel, but I am not a great fan of dollop-making.  Those 3D woolly knots are a bit of a trial.  However, I am onto the raglan shaping of sleeve one which means I am more than halfway done – woo hoo!

Mermaid’s Song shawl, two repeats of lace

Which does not explain why I cast on this little number.
This is the Mermaid’s Song shawl from the Unofficial-HP-who-cannot-be-named-for-copyright-reasons Book.  I am using Yarn Yard Moondance in a stunning shade of  blue, almost identical to the shawl in the pattern book.  But mine has sparkles in it ;)  The yarn was a woolly hug from my friend Christine – very much appreciated :)
I decided not to add beads.  This pattern has quite enough trouble going on, without adding beads to the mix.  It is tricky.  There are stitches I have never seen before.  By repeat two, I think I had got my head round the stitch that required reference to a separate glossary… but this is emphatically not suitable for knitting in stressful situations!

I think I need to cast on some self-striping socks…