This $#@SH Aint Gonna Work

Well fellow MM’s I’m in my  5th week of treatment. The time has come to proceed onward, as this has caused some havoc to my body.
My treatment includes:
The affect of these drugs are unexplainable!
My first reaction was like what the hell did I get myself into… like are my numbers really that 
bad!!Has my situation really called for me to go down this road?
I’m sure many have had it worst but for an relatively healthy woman (once I suppose) and whose
not been one to run to a lot of meds if need not, this is a huge transition to my lifestyle.
I guess I’m happy to still have a lifestyle but my time has been interesting with this.

I have 3 more years of this. I don’t know how this is going to work but this is going to be a miserable journey! I know my lord will not let me down even though the rock here feels like giving in and punching something in the midst.
I pray the New Year 2015 is better than the prior. I almost died this summer from other health ailments, and then this myeloma #%# this has just not been the best year, but with that said I’ve traveled to some great places this year and have taken part of some terrific activities. May the New Year be better for you all.
I’m offering a Christmas Stocking Stuffer of my book AnotherFace of Multiple Myeloma and The ins and outs of the fashion industry from afashion insider for $10.00.

Why does this still matter? It matters because I know my experiences can benefit someone elses journey in some or another going through the same trials, not to mention a 101 view of what it’s really like working in the fashion industry. At the end of the day I’ve been blessed.