This party’s no fun

What’s the difference between America and Nairobi’s Westgate Shopping Mall? If House Republicans like Ted Cruz get their way, very little. People like me are going to be in serious trouble if, as threatened, the government is shut down. Suffering Multiple Myeloma is already bad enough, I don’t need to have my tenuous and meager financial situation trashed in addition. I’m ill because I went to fight for my country and was exposed to chemicals that made me sick. Now my country is showing their gratitude by making it so that I can’t pay my bills or buy food.

It seems grotesquely ironic that Tea Party Republicans are targeting the elderly, the sick, veterans and active duty military as the victims of their extortive scheme. Ironic because the Affordable Care Act, called Obamacare, is actually Romneycare, a system designed by Republicans and even supported on the national scale by Paul Ryan. This systems was, claimed Republicans, a much better approach than adopting a single payer system emulating Canada, France, England, Sweden and other nations.

This method of governance is only going to make the nation’s economic system worse off than it already is, and just as things were starting to improve. Taking money away from it’s citizens is a self-destructive move because it creates a death spiral. When people have little money they can’t buy the products that the nation’s businesses make and grow. That reduces business income and forces companies to do the only cost saving maneuver they can: reduce payroll. But this only raises the number of people who can’t afford the nation’s goods. It just keeps degrading the country and it’s people.

It seems that we have totally discarded the idea of strength through unity, building a strong nation by advancing the concepts of compromise. If congressional representatives would go back to working together to achieve the nation’s needs, we’d be a lot better off. But the people we’ve elected to represent our interests have, in too many cases, rejected national needs in favor of party agenda and done so with a who-gives-a-damn attitude. They don’t care if the nation fails and openly say so. That’s their weapon, in fact. They don’t care that literally millions of people are going to suffer for their egotism. Taking food stamps away from the hungry and ripping away the incomes of so very many people is simply a means to an end for these politicians. And, of course, our congress made it law that even if the government shuts down, they continue to get their checks on time so they needn’t be even mildly inconvenienced by their own actions.

I sit here today unsure of whether or not I will have any money tomorrow. If the government shuts down, I know how all of my various creditors will respond to my inability to make my house and car payments and my utility payments. I’m pretty sure the supermarket isn’t going to hand me a few bags of groceries and say “no problem, it’s on us.” Of course, they’re going to be suffering too because they won’t be meeting their sales quotas.

And no doubt most of America will say “this is awful” and then do nothing to ensure it doesn’t go too far or be permitted to happen again. It makes me crazy that we continue to reelect those who have demonstrated either blindness or contempt for the people they’re supposed to be serving. Someone wrote that it’s the essence of insanity to perform the same things the same way continuously and expecting a different result. Yes, I’m angry at the situation, even if the government isn’t shut down, the threat of it is enough to disgust me. If it does happen, then there is no question that I’m going to suffer more hardship. Is this is the thanks of a grateful nation to all of the people who live on government salaries or earned benefits? If so, then what’s the motivation for people to continue to work in government positions, to serve in our armed forces, and perform the tasks of government logistics?

This whole thing poses a lot of uncomfortable questions.