This is unbelievable!

As most of you know who read my blog, I work for a library in a small branch. I have been there 8 years. I have managed it when no branch manager was there and done whatever I could to make our branch a great place. My position is considered extra help and though I did other duties, I was ok with it since for me ,with my myeloma diagnosis, I really just wanted to feel like I could be a valuable addition in working. When I started, I was a year out from my transplant and felt I needed to get back to living life. I have always been grateful to Annette for hiring me.

But now the most awful and unbelievable thing has been done by library administration. Friday morning I get to work and Sue says, did I change out the extra money ? Like what? I dont touch the money.

So, she says, it’s missing out of the locked drawer. OMG, when did that happen? She didn’t know. Of course, the key to that drawer is what also opens our money box for fines. So we both would have access to it. Lib admin shows up, we give her a run down. No, I have no clue when or how the money went missing.

I have no reason to deal with that money , it’s Sue’s job. Fast forward to 4:30, I’m home, get a call, that I’m fired. No reason, but do not show up at Applegate library. You have got to be F#%^*ing kidding me. Me, the most honest of people ,who has devoted the last 8 years of my life to this library. You think that I’m somehow involved.

I have never been so humiliated or outraged in my life. For F#%^*ing sakes. Every single day ,I get up and live with an incurable blood cancer. Everyday, I wonder, how long. But, I go to this job and I can forget for a while. Who in library administration would even think I wouldtake $50 for what?

Now of course, I’ve texted Sue, and she isn’t even answering per admins ,do not talk about it. She should stand up and say something . It’s her that should take the fall since she’s the one who can’t remember when the money was last in there. I’m just disposable because I’m extra help.

well, a very very very sad day for me.