This is beginning to feel like it’s dragging on…

I’m beginning to feel frustrated with all this.  Can only imagine Tony’s feelings with all the poking and proding everyone is doing.
Not a good day today.
As mentioned last week, he continues to be very tired, lethargic, no energy and doesn’t want to go in to work.  That alone, is not Tony.  Doesn’t want to go to work?????  What’s up with that?
The saving grace is that Robert, Michael, Joseph, Dale and all the employees at the back are all going above and beyond to help with work.  Tony knows that they are all stressed daily.
His hemoglobin dropped again this week.  It’s at 91. She didn’t have the M-protein count as it takes longer for those results. His night sweats continue while he sleeps.  I wake him up during the night and take his temperature.  Still low grade fever.  Not enough to worry about.
Doctor P thinks that the chemo is not working.  Perhaps may have to change up the recipe.  PMH has scheduled the CT scan for May 16th on his torso and head. We shall see what those results tell us.  We are to take a CD of the scan and bring to PMH afterwards for consultation.   If they find more plasmacytoma, he will be going through radiation treatment to remove it.  Once this settles, then and only then, will they consider the Stem Cell Transplant.
I’m tired of writing this.
I’m tired of these one step forward and two steps back days.