This Day 2009 vs This Day 2015

Hello Everyone!

I have some great news! But that will come later on 12-15-15

Because I must first note the fact that 6 years ago today December 14, 2009, was my very first STUNNING, UNREAL, UNBELIEVABLE, SERIOUSLY I’M IN THE WRONG PLACE, There Must Be a Misunderstanding, FIRST APPOINTMENT IN HEMATOLOGY ONCOLOGY.
This place has been my medical second home for 6 crazy years now. So hard to wrap my head around this 6 year cancer journey I’ve been on, and that I really have myeloma. I was a really sick girl 12.14.2009, and had NO idea what was ahead of me. Simply amazing I am still here 6 years later.

But when I checked in at this very same counter today, with my favorite check in ladies, and headed to the Chemo Lab, with my incredible chemo nurses, for Kyprolis infusion #8, week #2, month #2, it was a very different emotional experience than 12.14.2009.

I’ve been through sooooooooooo much since 12.14.09! Much of it reflected here in this too honest, sad, funny, poignant, ironic, philosophical, too wordy, reflective, hopeful, sincere blog. And I deeply thank all of you that have taken an interest in my story and checked in to read my musings whenever you have.

December 2015 has brought very different news than December 2009! I truly am incredulous about the news I will share tomorrow, 12.15.15
I should have been braver sooner!
Kyprolis + Dex is currently saving my life, as Revlimid + Dex once did for so long (and Cytoxan and Melphalan prior to SCT).

This paperwork holds very encouraging statistics! I looooove you Kyprolis, and you too Dex, even though you make me feel falsely good for 48 hours, then crash me like harsh waves against a rocky, jagged, painful cliff.

So after we came home today from my Kyprolis infusion, even though it was super cold outside, I bundled up and went outside to feed, pet my horses, and “clean” the arena (don’t tell my oncology staff lol). I feel so alive today! (Yes, thank you Dex steroids!) Grateful to be breathing in, inhaling the fresh crisp air, while marveling at my new lease on life, and how blessed and fortunate I am to be responding to treatment so quickly! I love you Kyprolis! Thank you for giving me another chance!

Live happy,
live well, and make a difference somewhere, somehow, with someone or something
as often as you can!