Third week post 2nd transplant

Doing well. This is the 3rd week post transplant. Slowly gaining my strength and recovering. Somewhat slower process than after the 1st transplant.. .but getting there.
I start next phase June 7th with consolidation. After that, looks like I might be able to go home for a bit during month of July. End of July, I return for the 2nd consolidation and should be back home for good mid August.

End of May, Sam will be visiting us for few days. We are really looking forward to it. Getting home sick but hey, we are here for a reason and we know what we got to do.
Little Edward Stukov is turning 13 this Saturday. This would be the first time I am not celebrating with him. However – we will do a repeat celebration when mom & I come home.

That is it for now.

Take care,