They call today, "zero minus 1 day"

Today, he received his chemo (Mephlan).

Before they gave it to him, they had him started on hydration through his IV around 5am. Also, one hour before the chemo, he was told to chew on ice chips to shrink up his blood vessels.  This chemo destroys the lining of the mouth and throat.  Chewing on the ice chips helps.  Can’t remember the name of the condition this causes. I’m getting bad at remembering new medical terms!  Not like me.  As well, he received steroids. Anyways, the chemo ran for 30 minutes.  Didn’t feel a thing.  All day, no real reaction to this.  Yet.  Still has his appetite and taste for now.  His roommate was going to leave this Friday.  He has the same thing.  But, today, his roommate developed diarrhea and the beginning of pneumonia……Gosh, this better not happen to Tony.  It may, but it better not!  Must remember to encourage walking alot during his stay.  
Oh, and I forgot!!!!!!!  Holy cow.  Prior to Christmas Day, he indulged in beef and pork jerky.  Well, the nag that I am kept saying it wasn’t good for his gout.  But, no, did he listen to me?  Oh, and then for Christmas Eve dinner, we eat fish…..and my contribution was crab legs and his mom cooked shrimp.  All excellent contributors to gout.  So, Christmas day morning, he was beginning to feel the gout pains.  Didn’t tell me.  This morning when I saw him, he couldn’t walk.  LOL  So he confessed to me.  Poor Tony.  And me!  I was so careful in food selections for his gout over the last several weeks, that I totally forgot about the fish.  Fortunately, they weren’t concerned about it effecting the chemo and transplant.  By this afternoon, he was already feeling much better.  Whew!
Tomorrow will be transplant day.
Tomorrow will be “zero” day.
Tomorrow will be his new birthday. December 27, 2013 at 11am.  At least that’s what all the Multiple Myeloma bloggers write.  So I guess tomorrow’s blog will be titled Happy Birthday to Tony.