There’s another storm…

Well, there’s two really. Outside it’s raining and the wind is blowing. Already on of the dead bark beetle trees has fallen over. I hope it ends soon. But it says rain and wind till 9 pm tonight so,…….. gulp…. I don’t like when it’s dark and windy. Oh well.

The second storm is on Friday with Trump’s inauguration. Honestly, I feel like I’m in a Twilight Zone episode. Oh, BTW, did you read or see some of the cabinet members interviews. I mean, this is what I’ talking about that Trump picks billionaires and supporters not qualified people. The Dept. of Education, Devos, actually thought the repeal on the ban on guns in school was a good idea because in some schools(she was referring to Wyoming), there’s Grizzly bears and you might just need a gun. OMG people, is this what we have to endure. Then she goes on when questioned about the IDEA program, which has to do with equal educational opportunities for disabled students, and she doesn’t even know what it is.  Really, and she is ultra conservative Christian. Remember folks, there’s a reason for a separation between state and church.

OMG, even better is Ben Carson’s answer to Elizabeth Warren’s question about could he guarantee that not a single taxpayer dollar would benefit Trump or his family. So he says, , OMG, get ready,he  wouldn’t  do anything to benefit any American. Of course that’s not what he meant.But really he’s qualifed to be HUD’s head beacuse he grew up in a tenement house. Well, JFC, I grew up on Welfare and food stamps, so maybe I should head that department.  It’s just so strange.

Really, Trump is a narcissistic nut job and time will tell. I guess the bottom line those that think Trump is the best thing that ever happened won’t  change their minds or even be open, but just continue to think it’s because of all the left stuff. And for hating Obama, he will go down as one of the greatest presidents.  One fact, just in case you want to know, unemployment is at it’s lowest in a decade 4.9 % I think. So what’s the deal with bringing jobs. We have the lowest unemployment in years thanks to Obama. Just a fact.  I’m sure there’s tons more but I still have this cold and although I feel fine I’m coughing a lot.

Well, enough of my rant.