the yellow helmet

Last weekend Paul had a toddler carrier mounted on a bicycle which we borrowed from a dear friend. We decided it’s time to get Thadd on the bike.
We bought him a yellow helmet and went cycling along the West Coast Park. It drizzled after we made one round and we stopped at Macdonald to have coffee, milk and hashbrowns. 
There were lots of children, it’s the start of mid year school holiday. 
Two young boys, maybe 4 or 5 years old, passed our table and stopped to admire the bright yellow helmet. The younger one stood almost a good 2 minutes looking at the cats on the helmet, and talking to his mum. 
Our little Thadd, all the while sitting on the chair, without saying a word, slipped out of his chair, walked round the table and reached out for the helmet and held on to it tightly. He had this look that says it all… “enough looking, this helmet is mine”
The adults around couldn’t help but smile at his act of possessiveness. A 2-year old first sign of independent thinking! Our little Thadd is growing up.