The week ahead!

Before I start with the week ahead, I thought I’d share a great story from my son. As I mentioned he turned 21 on August 7. I was almost 42 when I had him and was always the oldest mom in every class. Oh wait, I’m totally off topic. Anyway he loves Elton John, and has been to Las Vegas this year to see him, and then on August 8 went with a friend to Harvey’s in south Lake Tahoe ( about 2 hours away). So he had pretty good tickets his friend bought. They got their early to buy t shirts etc. so they’re sitting in their seats and this guy walks up and has an Elton John t shirt on but nothing that looked official. Anyway he asked if they like Elton john(dah why would they be there), anyhow, he says well ” Elton John has two tickets in the front row for you”. OMG, my son was center row, first row in front. He was over the moon. How’s that for good karma!!!

So, onward to this week. I’ll be seeing the dentis tomorrow to have him make a smaller splint. This thing has been absolutely awful and its been a crappy week with not really cooking etc. I’m going to tell him , figure this out because, 1. I can’t eat, 2. I can’t  talk, and I need this done for now.

Then Wedneday, I’m in sacramento to see Dr. Laptalo and figure out with my not so great blood test results, what we’re going to do. Unfortunately my husband who in 10 years has only missed 2 appointments with me is doing a store reset in Ukiah. So I’m going alone. I don’t mind that it’s just this wil be an important appointment.

My daughters house sitting in Truckee and I’m happy that she has a chance to see how it is to only commute 10 minutes instead of an hour. Plus winter in Truckee is not easy.

So it’ll be an interesting week for sure. We got the bid on the roof and it’s looking like $8,000. That starts cutting our EF close.. Scarey for me.

Well, that’s it for now, back to reading and I still need to mop the kitchen floor today.