The Waiting Game

Good news, Mike was discharged Thursday evening. It was good to feel him next to me in bed, I feel much happier when I can hear him breathe. He came home with a bucket full of tablets, vitamin D, calcium, magnesium and blood pressure meds. He says he feels great, well much better than last Tuesday, I don’t think he’ll be running any marathons though. 

We are just taking things easy, pottering around, waiting for the hospital to make the next move. Waiting for the fistula appointment. Waiting to see if Mike’s bloods show an improvement in the levels of his blood chemistry, some going up, some coming down? Waiting to see if Mike can actually wait for them. 

Today we will start to sow the seeds for this years vegetable garden. I will be boring you all once more with my 21st Century garden photos again soon!

The quince is in flower.