The Tattoo

Have you ever woken up and wondered ‘my, what on earth does a radiotherapy tattoo looks like?’

Of course you have. We all have. For many of the fortunate masses, it is one of the great unanswered questions in life. We rarely share these thoughts with others in case they think we have some sort of fetish for untidy black blobs on human flesh. Not me, I asked to see somebody’s NHS artwork long before I can cancer. We all know, deep, deep down, when you truly think about it, that these blobs offer nothing for one to fetishise over, even if the ones you will see before you today are contained on my naked body. Sorry, I meant canvas. The marking on a person’s body is merely a permanent reminder that they have or have had cancer. Their presence is a practical one.

I have three of these tattoos. You can call them blobs if you like. I have one on each hip and another one in between the other two. It was not until I looked for one this morning that I realised how ugly they are. Thank goodness they are small and thank goodness I am round.

I am aware that your curiosity needs to be satisfied now and your wondering must come to an end…

It’s time for the reveal….

The Radiotherapy Tattoo, in my flesh.

‘X Marks The Spot’ – this photograph was taken a day after I was inked and clearly, my body did not like this and clearly, I forgot to wash off the marker pen

‘Blurry Eyed’ – this photograph was taken this morning, over 6 weeks since the previous photograph was taken, you can see my pyjamas in the corner of the photo

‘To Scale With A Ranitidine’

Have a wonderful day.