‘The Swans of Fifth Avenue’

25279165.jpgThis is a great book about Truman Capote and the society women of NYC starting in the 60’s. I think actually it starts earlier in the late 50’s. It was quite interesting to read about Capote and his life. The women certainly  were elite and lived a life most of us could only dream about.

As historical fiction, it is quite good. I looked up Truman Capote and read a little about his life and the author used a lot of ‘true ‘things. I was intrigued by how he finally got ‘kicked ‘ out of his swan group because he published an article in a magazine that was a tell all. After that, his life went down hill. He started drinking seriously along with drugs.

I thought I’d read “The Aviator’s wife’ but it’s about Anne Morrow Lindberg, so I havent read it. I will get that from the library.