The sun is out…

.. and I feel a little brighter today. I have an appointment with the consultant at 4pm, to discover my next moves. I didn’t take my evening pain killers last night, on purpose as I wanted to find out if my arm and leg pain had subsided, so I could then report this to the doctor. Unfortunately by one o’clock in the morning I was in agony so I needed to dose up again. Therefore I think it is unlikely that I will be able to restart on the Velcade or even the chemo programme without Velcade but I will just have to wait and see.

As I took the Tramadol much later than usual I am still very sleeply. I have therefore employed a dyslexic ghost writer who is doing his best I am sure to put my slurred words onto paper. I know that there is no pressure to write a blog every day but I really hate to disappoint so I like to scribble something down even if it is just a few words, and it is very cathartic as it gets my thoughts and feelings out in the open and I can hear them clearly myself and then move on with the day. I suppose I am using you all really dear readers so please forgive me and thank you for allowing me to do so. Yesterday was filled with visitors and I soon started to feel much brighter than I must have appeared in my blog.

On another note, I have quite a few items left over from the Village Secrets event, mostly small sizes (10-12) and quite a few pairs of lovely, designer brand, evening shoes. If anybody fancies coming to have a look before I sell them elsewhere just drop me an email.

I am really looking forward to my trip, with Kate, to the spa on Friday, I need to get better by then as I don’t want to give them any further excuses as to why they can’t treat me.
So what will we get up to next Saturday as we will be all massaged up and raring to go from our previous day out(forever the dreamer!)? Any ideas gratefully received.

Enjoy the sun shine wherever you are. I know there are readers as far as Australia where they must have plenty, and I am so envious. poor Barbs must have had a shock when she returned from her hot trip abroad to our winter wonderland. This is all fair enough in December and January but not April! Fingers crossed, hopefully the poor weather we have been experiencing so far will meen that we have a glorious summer, just perfect for my party on July 13th. I shall have to get designing the invitation/tickets, it is on my to do list. Perhaps I can get my fellow artist Barbs to give me a hand with those.

Have a good day

Deborah X

PS. Corrections have been made so any further errors are now completely down to me. :)

PH = 5.5 MH = 5 Going in the right direction xxxx