The Start of the Process

My bone marrow transplant begins on 28 Jan – a Monday (queue the Bob Geldof song).  But the process begins tomorrow.  I head to Mt Sinai tomorrow for a series of tests in prep for the BMT later this month.  My schedule tomorrow is as follows:
0900: Pulmonary Function Test – 1468 Madison Ave
1000: Echocardiogram – 1190 Fifth Ave
1100: Labs (blood drawn) – Mad Ave, 4th floor
1130: EKG – Mad Ave, 3rd floor
1200: Pre Transplant visit with Nurse Coordinator, 3rd floor
1400: Evaluation with Social Worker, 3rd floor
1430: Evaluation with Dietician, 3rd floor
1500: Chest X Ray – 1176 Fifth Ave
The rest of the day is open – yippee!
Then starting on Thursday I start my GlutaSolve regimen.  As a preface, in advance of a rugby game I always had breakfast (beans and toast) and then headed to Football Club and had a Power Bar, two Pocari Sweats and a black coffee.  I always left time to clear out what needed to be cleared but the point here is to prep the body for a days worth of physical work.  Gatorade promotes themselves in this manner.  So when I heard about the need to have GlutaSolve and some pro-biotic in advance of the BMT it was my thought process that we were doing the same – prepping the body for a large amount of physical work.
However, as I’ve looked further (you can’t find GlutaSolve on Wikipedia but you can find L-Glutamine which has some details.  It’s easy to understand why I thought that, “…may become conditionally essential in certain situations, including intensive athletic training”.  But then I continued reading, “…or certain gastrointestinal disorders.”  Additionally you’ll find, “Evidence indicates glutamine, when orally loaded, may increase plasmaHGH levels by stimulating the anterior pituitary gland”  As you read on about ProBiotics it’s generally used to kill all the bacteria inside – inside your intestines.  

So I’m not looking to “Get the Fuel Inside You” (as I think the Gatorade commercial states) I’m basically taking human RotoRooter!  So I’m really looking forward to how I’ll feel by the end of this weekend after taking my GlutaSolve for a few days and staring on the Pro Biotics!  This will be fun.

For clarification – I’m on both of these for 14 days total (twice a day) but start the GS 18 days out and the Pro Biotic 14 days out.

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