‘the Spark of Joy’

I had preordered Marie Kondo’s new book. ‘spark of Joy.  I like it better than the first book and have gotten a couple of good ideas so far. One, we had 2 mission style book cases that didn’t have a lot on them, so I moved that stuff and took them both out. I repurposed one outside not he sun porch for shoes and the other will find a new home. I’m all about less furniture stuff. Secondly, going back and looking again at areas that for me are hot spots. Where things inevitably build up clutter. So B is putting up a few hooks to help hang my purse and grocery bags.  My next real challenge is to get out to the barn with B and be ruthless in throwing stuff out or giving it away. Its really mess out there and theres too much crap, mostly from when my son made the one half his man cave. We  do not need a futon, dresser, bookcases etc out there. Really we don’t!!!

No spend month is going ok, not great, but i’ve had 5 no spend days. Today I went to Grocery Outlet and bought some stuff so I may not need to go to Costco. Costco is great, but hard to not add stuff to the cart. We are holding off till February to buy a refrigerator, if ours makes it. the clunk clunking is getting louder.  i’m looking to spend no more than $1000. the Kenmore we’ve got has lasted 19 years, so pretty good.

I’ve been using the new Ynab. I have the ynab 4 version, which I like ,but the new one is a little more glitzy. now though, they want you to buy it at $5.00 a month instead of the one time price (like I paid). I’mont sure I want to do that but I’m doing the trial for 30 days.

Menu planning has been challenging, mostly because I haven’t felt like any particular foods. If food doesn’t sound good or the combination is off or my body chemistry is off,then cooking is a bit of a chore. I usually love cooking and menu planning , so maybe this is just temporary. Tonight, I have black beans in the crockpot indwell do some cheese enchiladas and maybe a green  salad.

This week I’ve got the dentist for new Invisalign trays and a cleaning and Thursday is my Velcade shot.