The Scorrybreac Circular

9am on a misty Sunday morning.

Hero and I are out here on our own, while FL nurses a chest infection and an abscess (tooth / jaw – maybe both) back at the holiday cottage.

Don’t worry – he is on a veterinary-strength dose of antibiotics and even more steroids than usual!
I didn’t think we were going to get away this weekend when his symptoms began to brew up a storm on Wednesday.  But I think the drugs are working.

This path is within sight of the house.
Hero’s nose was so firmly glued to the ground that he didn’t spot these sheep until one had already leaped over the precipice and I had him on a short lead.

 “What’s that?!”

I had to turn back before he took me over the edge.
He has calmed down a lot, this old dog of ours, but if he decided to make a run for it after that sheep, I would be in trouble.

 So back to the cottage, past the highland cows.

 And more sheep – these safely behind walls and fences.

 Wonderful mosses and drystane dykes.

 Enticing fibres!

And now I will curl up with my latest sock:  Betula by Rachel Coopey.
I didn’t know this was the botanical name for Silver Birch when I chose the yarn from my stash – spooky!
This is Skein Queen Exquisite Twist in “Man in a Grey Suit”, a colour inspired by the book “The Night Circus”, which is my current reading matter.

I have my Kex Blanket with me too.
This is what it looks like at the start of my holiday.  How much bigger will it be by the end?