The Role of Food in our Health


Since I feel you are a great researcher,

I am sure you have considered and looked into how our food affects our health. I have read and loaned out a book by Dr. Roger L. DeHaan entitled We Don’t Die; We Kill Ourselves our food is killing us. He has also written a second book “Restoring the Creation Mandate”.

I find that physicians don’t have any training on nutrition. I am still learning and it seems the more I find out the more there is to learn.

Just thought you would be interested and perhaps could find these books at your library or on line.
God still is the great physician and healer and I believe He is using Christians to help us get back to what he intended for us. God Bless.

Linda Charters, St. Stephen, New Brunswick

PS Another book by Steve Meyerowitz on Wheatgrass Nature’s Finest Medicine (cleanses, nourishes, rejuvenates, and heals).

My husband and I have been taking Wheatgrass since winter.