The Pro’s and Con’s

Before I start treatment today I thought I might drop down a few pro’s and con’s of having cancer just in case the pro’s don’t so easily come to mind when the scores on the board start to increase!  

Ok you might be wondering what possible advantages could there be, I mean nobody in the right mind would choose cancer would they? (I do however know plenty of people who increase the risk) The bottom line is, I haven’t got any choice in the matter so in my usual Pollyanerish way I thought I would explore some of my own personal  pro’s and a few disadvantages. Obviously all cancer’s are different and just in the same way people are different so are the response’s and type’s of cancer you have.
However please take note some of these observations may be worth you considering whether you are entering a parallel universe or not ( and I sincerely hope your not!)
So here are some of the benefits in no particular order.
1. I have been given the chance to re- evaluate my life and really work out what’s important.
2. I have had time to notice and be thankful for the lovely people around who really do and probably always have loved and cared about me. I was just too wrapped up in my own self esteem issues to see or acknowledge this before now.
3. I have more time to spend with the family and friends I may have previously neglected in the pursuit of my career.
4. I am not entitled to any benefits because I really do earn enough money, even if cancer does come with its own expenses.
5. I do however get free prescriptions and was given a free digital thermometer.  Nurses especially like a free gift!
6. I get to be brave enough to try out a new short trendy haircut and realise I should have done it years ago!
7. Little things that I fancy matter more  ( and I don’t feel so guilty for buying them) for example, a new soft towel, cashmere socks, an extra lead for my iPad, a new triangle pillow, a hair dye wand, and that pretend Harrods bag from eBay, the list is endless and what joy I am going to have getting them all and dreaming up plenty more prizes (as my friend Jaqui would say)
8. Experiencing a top class hospital and feeling the great sense of pride working for the NHS.
9. Understanding what Macmillan services and nurses really do and how wonderful they are.
10. Having the time and opportunity to write this blog.
11. Losing the weight I have been trying to get off for years
12. Making new friends throughout the world who are going through similar experiences or just care and understand.
I’m sure there are lots more but that will do for now so here goes with a few negatives just to even things out a bit.
1. The thought of actually being quite sick, the fear of pain and not being able to cope
2. Knowing and feeling the sadness in the people around me as they equally try to come to terms with the situation.
3.Realising that there are so many people with this horrible disease and we still don’t have a magic cure.
4. That out of control feeling.
5. Being faced with death is like being slapped with a wet fish directly in your face, not that I  have ever  had that happen to me but I could imagine it being  particularly nasty and smelly!
5. It took Cancer to opens my eyes!