The Power Floor Sweeper

WARNING – This blog contains product placement and mention of things that most people will find dull

Today, I am going to tell you a little tale about a household appliance.

Some people would be forgiven for thinking that my life at the moment is nothing but a big black pit of terrifying negativity, but you would be wrong. You would be very wrong, for on the 25 December, Santa Clause revitalised my ability to clean up mouse poo, the stuffing from a dog’s toy and the occasional mess I make, without having to put my back in harms way.

Santa Claus in the human form of Mamma Jones, gave me the G-Tech Power Sweeper! It’s not a vacuum cleaner, it’s an electronic sweeper. I can understand why some people would not be able to see the distinction, but there is one that is important to me. A big one. The sweeper allows me to clean, a Hoover or dustpan and brush do not. The latter two, more traditional pieces of homeward either weight to much, require bending, and inevitably cause pain. You may think this development is ‘boring’, and I might think that the fact I keep talking about it to anybody I have a face to face conversation with is making me quite beige, but we would all wrong.

The ability to do light cleaning (deep emphasis on ‘light’ here for I am still incapable of many, many things) might not be life changing, but it is something that allows me a teeny bit more of pain free independence. How many people can say that an electronic sweeper has that sort of power over themselves? And in my current days of austerity, it is at least worthy of a lighthearted blog.




* Please note that the G-Tech SW02 Cordless Power Sweeper does not negate ones need to Hoover