The phone call

Yesterday, Tony received a phone call from Princess Margaret Hospital.  Someone we do not know.
She said that he did not qualify for the clinical trial.  (We were expecting treatment this Thursday!)  She wasn’t in a position to explain and said that Dr. C would discuss the next steps on Thursday…Seriously? ….Whatever that means.  In the meantime, Thursday, seems very very far away.

Today, he visited his family doctor.  Due to his fall last Thursday, he needed a tetanus shot.  The transplant knocked out his immunity so just in case, he needed this vaccine again.
It was great for Tony to see his family doctor again.  Hadn’t seen him since diagnosed.
We asked if he knew anyone or could refer someone with regards to alternative medicine…..dietitian to help cancer patients.   He basically said to go with what Princess Margaret refers by way of dietitians.  They know the best.  It’s not really what I meant but ok.  We have homework to do.
Private messages to my email with regards to any leads or recommendations would be great.

On a very GOOD NOTE!

GEMM Team has broken $24,000 tonight.
We are 82 people strong.  Cannot wait to feel the love this Sunday.
I’m really pushing for more donations.  I need to help Tony and sadly, all the friends we’ve made at both Princess Margaret Hospital and Humber River Hospital.  Great people battling this disease!
To donate or watch our progress, please visit:

Thank you everyone for all that you do for us…..Employees at Delor,  our dear friends & family.  Everyone is dear to us.  I’m feeling the love.