The Pause Continues

Coop Knits Mystery Sock Clue 1

Hi everyone!

I regret to report that my connection to the outside world is about to get worse instead of better.
My home internet line is completely fried and has to be replaced.  This will take at least one more week.

I am on “holiday” for the next two weeks, so will not have access to my work wifi for lunchtime Instagram binges.. or quick blog updates like this!

What I wore to work on Monday – risky!

Rest assured that I plan lots of knitting and sewing during my time off work.

Progress is steady on my Coop Knits Mystery sock (though I won’t see Clue 3 when it comes out next week – sob!)

And I am working away on my Tailspin shawl.

Tailspin by Josh Ryks

I intend to sew: a pair of trousers, a skirt, two tops and five pairs of knickers.
So when I return, I should have lots to show you!

I just hope I don’t expire from Podcast Deprivation Syndrome.

FL is back at the hospital on Tuesday.  He is not at all well.

Bye for now!