The Outfit

I was looking through old photos today, when I came across a photo of … The Outfit. Be warned before you look at the photo below. If you look directly at The Outfit for too long, you could go blind.
Are you blind yet?

My grandma, who is in the photo with me, bought me The Outfit for my tenth birthday, in 1985. When my grandma wanted to buy clothes for me, she’d walk into a store and ask the clerk what all of the fashionable little girls were wearing these days. I was always at the mercy of what they would pick out. The clerk would usually steer her toward something odd. When she’d give the clothes to me, she’d announce, “You’re going to be a trendsetter!”
Well, I did not believe her the time she gave me the baggy yellow pants with black bats all over them. I did believe her, however, the first time I set eyes on The Outfit.
Baggy white pants with multi-colored neon stripes? Sign. Me. Up.
Notice the neon-pink triangle on the shirt that is glowing in the camera flash. It was made of shiny plastic.
I felt like a rock star every time I wore The Outfit to fourth and fifth grade. (I wore The Outfit a lot. It spanned two school years.) In the photo I am wearing regular tennis shoes with it, but when I really wanted to rock The Outfit, I wore neon pink jelly shoes with neon green socks, an oversized yellow jacket, and a pair of Michael Jackson sunglasses. Oh, yeah. I was the raddest girl in Iowa.
P.S. I have no idea what is going on with the hair clip. Is it even attached to my hair? Is it an anti-gravity hair clip that would just sort of hover upside-down near my head? The Outfit was magical, so anything is possible.