The Next Big Thing

Rosy Lemonade from Vivacious Volume 1

So, Roo – where is your list of New Year’s Resolutions?
In my head.
Two weeks’ holiday from work seemed like such a wonderful opportunity to knit and relax… and that is pretty much what I did.
So I am slightly behind on the annual goal-setting exercise which I love so much.


That’s OK.
I am very clear that I want to knit from stash (because it is there) and work my way through the book of Curls (because they are beautiful) and rustle up a couple of Yokes (because they are perfect).
I am less clear on my sewing plans, because I don’t really know what I want to wear.
I will wear what I have, until inspiration strikes (Oki Style?)

In the meantime, inspiration has struck hard and fast in the realms of knits-to-wear.
I don’t mean the patterns I want to knit because I want to knit them (the Curls and the Yokes), but the patterns I want to knit because I want to wear them.
Vivacious Volume One was published yesterday.

Hermes Baby

If I had been properly engaged with social media I could have bought the pdf in advance for a reduced sum, but I wasn’t, so I didn’t.  And anyway, I want the hard copy book because I reckon this one is going to get a lot of use.
10 patterns.
All of them designed for Fyberspates Vivacious yarn (DK or 4 ply) but I am sure substitutions will occur.
And what is special about them?


They are simple, comfortable, contemporary, even (dare I say it) a little bit hipster (ssssh!)
That hat?  Yes please.
All of the sweaters?  Oooh, yeah baby!
Go-to mitt and sock patterns – why not?
And a great big enormous snuggly cardigan / jacket to wrap myself up in all weekend long?  Sold, to the blanket-knitter in the corner!

Rum and Raisin