The music breaks

When I post a “music break” video instead of writing something, it might seem like a big cop-out. Wrong! I fully intended it to be a cop-out, but really, I probably spend more time looking for videos than I would spend writing. Of course, I have to view each video several times in a thoughtful, intelligent, scientific way to determine if it’s the right video for my blog. For example, yesterday I was going to post a video of the Backstreet Boys singing “Get Down” at the Kansas City concert. After several thoughtful, intelligent, scientific viewings of “Get Down”, however, I thoughtfully added up the number of times various Backstreet Boys grab themselves and scientifically determined that I probably shouldn’t put that one a family-friendly blog.
If you don’t care about family-friendliness, here’s the link:
I’d better go watch it again, just to make sure my scientific theory was correct.