The Long Stay Begins

Dad at the Zoo

Dad was admitted late Sunday. They weren’t ready for him when he showed up at first so Mom and Dad took a fun trip to the zoo. Mom put Dad in a wheelchair and rolled him all around. :) She said it was good exercise.

Grandma, Grandpa and I went to go see Life of Pi which chronicles the journey of a zoo-keeper’s son stranded on a boat with a tiger.  The 3d was very realistic so we told Mom and Dad we went to the zoo too!

The Chair Saga

When we checked in, we originally on the wrong floor – but it turned out ok because the people before us had ordered this reallllly comfy chair. Dad really liked it. When we got to switch to the other floor, we had to arrange to take the chair with us. It took 5 hours to get a chair to the other floor!!!! I bothered everyone. I think they were sick of me!

Comfy Chair

Dad’s been a trooper so far. His white-blood cell counts were pretty normal the first couple of days so we had a lot of visitors. Visitors do have to wear masks and gloves.

The only side effect that’s been really bad has been from the anti-seizure medicine Dilantin. It causes Dad to have tremors. His arms and legs sort of jerk uncontrollably. He says its bad for his putting game and we keep calling him Michael J Fox. :) It makes it hard from him to get up and walk as well.

Today is Dad’s 5th Day in the Hospital. Our estimate date out of here is 12/23, but Mom is crossing her fingers for 12/20.

I’m headed to Cabo tomorrow, but I’ll be back in Houston on the 18th!