The long and the short of it.

To answer Sandy’s comment, no Mike is not still standing on the podium, I really am that short. Actually there isn’t that much difference in our heights, only eleven and a half inches, not even a foot! I have suggested several times that we swap legs to even things out a bit.

On Monday Mike had his appointment at the hospital, gosh the three months have flown by. We were called in by the HCA only to be greeted by a registrar. Panic! The last time we were seen by a registrar rather than SB it was because the news was bad, very bad and I instantly thought “great, it’s on its way back and SB won’t tell us.” I needn’t have worried, Mike’s pp is still less than two and everything is fine.

Which is more than I can say about my sinuses, five weeks later and after a week of TWO anti-biotics I am still suffering from the jaw pain that causes my teeth to hurt when I eat or drink or simply lie still. Back to the doctor’s later.