“The Little Paris Bookshop”

” Books were my friends,” said Catherine, and cooled her cheek, which was red form the heat of cooking, on her wineglass.

“I think I learned all my feelings from books. In them I loved and laughed and found out more than in my whole life non reading life.”

Wow, I love this quote. The book is pretty good, but there are some great lines as this one. Books really did open the world up for me. Actually the Highland Mills library. Which you can google and is a historical building now. Yes, it was my life. I was able to be scarlett O’hara, or Francie, or Cherry Ames, or Nancy Drew.

Its a good read and a great bookclub book. Im not going to our library one now, it got to be too much of one person controlling it so. I liked it to be more free form. Where the conversation took us. But someone needed to have the stupid wikipedia questions answered. Hello… why not just let members talk about it.

Yesterday, I experimented with making jalapeño jelly. While it tastes pretty great, I used too much pectin so dislike jalapeño hard candy….Im going to try again today. I think it would make a great gift.

Today, Im off to do some errands in town and try that jelly again. Also, we had a major ant invasion last night so, so it was disgusting and I had to clean everything. Im putting ant traps out tonight and spraying. I really don’t want to wake up to a counter crawling in black things…. ugh