The latest with Tony’s health

He continues to be getting weaker.  Tumors in abdominal area keep growing.  He has zero pain, which is a relief.  I help him with all his daily routines now.  He is experiencing shortness of breath.
Yesterday, we had his MRI booked to qualify for his clinical trial.  Unfortunately, because they weren’t confident about him going in for the test due to his tubes, they decided it wasn’t safe.  By the time we got an answer, it was the next person’s test.  However, luckily, oncology was quick to schedule a CT of his head and also check up on his tumors in abdominal area.  They also did blood work, ECG and a chest x-ray to eliminate possible fluid in his lungs.
The CT scan showed the tumors progressing.  It also showed one on his kidney.  The technician’s comments says it is not interfering with passing urine.
Blood work:  Hemoglobin was at 76.  They are giving him 2 units of blood this afternoon.
                     Platelets were at 26.  He may need an infusion this week.  Still not low, but declining.
                     Creatinine was at 200.  Getting higher, not a good number.
So, they have hinted that perhaps he will be considered a level 2 in his health.  They are only accepting level 1.  So, what is the alternative?  Not happy with what they are hinting at.  We are still remaining positive in all this.  The plan is still to start him on chemo this Monday unless he gets declined.  This trial, we are told, are not strict, so here’s to praying they bend their rules and allow him a treatment.  They are trying their hardest to get him help.

Keep praying for success everyone!