The Latest Thing

When I saw the first pictures of Megan Nielsen’s latest Breakwater pattern collection, I have to say I was slightly horrified.  Shimmering polyester surf-bunny styles?  No, not for me!
But other sewists have better vision than me, and I have been watching project after project pop up across the web, gradually wearing away at my inhibitions.  If Scruffybadger can wear those culottes, maybe I can too?  Oh look – Kirsty made them in corduroy!  And really, that high-low wrap skirt looks pretty special but wearable in jersey, as seen on I Still Love You.
And so it continued… until I found myself rummaging through the pattern stash looking to emulate and imitate without actually spending any new money.

I found myself seriously considering making a skirt I had previously dismissed as “1990’s mother-of-the-bride”, Vogue 8040 from 2005.  In my defence, this pattern was either a gift or part of an ebay bundle.  I am ashamed to say that I can’t remember which.  If you gave it to me, I apologise for dissing your taste!
Once again, I baulked at the illustrated fabrics.  And the more I stared at it, the more I doubted myself.  Was I only considering this make because it was a bit like The Latest Thing?  Would it have longevity?  Or would I make the skirt, wear it once and then realise that I did in fact look like Mother-of-Bridezilla and throw it in the charity shop bag in a fit of self-loathing?
And I realised that a lot of the time I just don’t know what I like.  Because I don’t buy clothes, I don’t go to shops and try things on, so I have no idea what I might look like in a chiffon flamenco-dancer’s frock.
I can imagine that the Cascade skirt has the swish and swirl of my flounced prairie skirt, but also risks a lot of exposure.  Where does the wrap go when you sit down?  Does the whole thing fall open to the waist?  Is it a skirt for beaches and discos and 19-year-olds? 
And if so, do I revert to Vogue 8040 to make the more practical 40-something-year-old’s version?
Or wear shiny gold hot-pants underneath a Cascade?
Or avoid both like the plague?
Or stop worrying, buy Megan’s pattern and have some fun with it?
Yeah.  That’s what I’ll do…maybe.

Meanwhile, I am stash-diving! 
This checked cotton was supposed to be a tablecloth for The Girl’s room.  But I have itchy scissors…