The Latest on Dom

These were Dom’s latest numbers 2/27 at Tulane.   The second set is from Slidell Cancer Center on 2/7.  The numbers in parentheses are from November 2018.

WBC:  7.3   6.5  (8.3 three months ago)

RBC:   4.1   3.9   (3.71)

HTC:    38.7    39.4  (36.3)

PLATELETS:   170   154  (188)

KAPPA Light Chains:   10,5   11.4  (16.5)

LAMBDA Light Chains:   176.5   119.9  (36.4)

RATIO:   0.6    0.10  (0.45)

M-Spike:    1.7   1.3  (Not Observed)

Dr. Safah at the Tulane Cancer Center in NOLA saw us last Wednesday.  She took blood.  Had us follow up today with our Slidell Oncologist.

He’s ordering a full body CT Scan with no contrast and a bone marrow biopsy.  Hopefully next week.

Dom is a hurtin’ little cowboy.  Ribs, back, shoulder, neck.  You name it.

So… after the CT results come in, they’ve decided to put Dom on DARZALEX.  It’s not chemo.  It’s an IMMUNOTHERAPY.

I joined a Facebook Group for Darzalex support, and the members have been SUPER helpful.  Most of them rave about the drug! 

So, we’re feeling very positive.

The docs are laying the groundwork for insurance, then full-speed-ahead. 

Thanks for the continued prayers and good vibes, gang.